Java Blow by Blow - Oracle Will Retain Sun's Hardware

Oracle's CEO, Larry Ellison dispelled reports that he will be getting rid of Sun Microsystems' hardware business once Oracle officially acquires the ailing company. 

He also added that it would be to the best interests of Oracle, currently the largest database company in the world, to have a hardware arm in its organization. With that, he cited Apple as an example and how it has thrived well in the smartphone business through iPhone because it developed its own hardware and software. 

This should be good news. 

If they are showing interest in a portion of Sun that others viewed as something Oracle might not have any interest in, then how much more for Java. Since it is established that Sun's number one strength is in Java, these statements only strengthen the possibility that they will actually push through with the acquisition. 


Java has definitely recovered from that knock down he got in the previous round.

At least we know that Oracle's still by his side.