Java Blow by Blow - Hit by A Low Blow

After reeling from a right hook that would have felled our embattled warrior had it been delivered by Pound-for-Pound King Manny Pacquiao, Java immediately got tagged by a low blow.

The right hook came by way of a bribery related probe while the low blow was delivered by a class-action suit filed by some of Sun's shareholders before last week ended.

Right hook = bribery probe

Apparently, some of Sun's employees bribed officials somewhere outside the US. I'm just curious why one of the comments on that news article mentioned about Asian countries. Hmmm. Where there's smoke there must be fire. Could it be that the bribery in fact took place in some Asian country?

He even equates no bribery to no business in an Asian setting. While this can be sad to hear, as I'm from the Philippines, there sure is some grain of truth in it. But let's go back to Sun's employees. Let's put ourselves in their shoes. They've got a dying company and the only way to help it survive is to bribe some people to avail of their services.

Reminds us of a father who would steal just to revive his daughter who is seriously ill. Can we actually make this equation as well?

Well, one thing's for sure: Java must be terribly hurt by that wallop.

Low blow = Lawsuit

This one must have knocked Java's balls out. It's a good thing that he was saved by the bell as it happened when the week was just about to end.

It's just so sad that the lawsuit had to be filed by Sun's own shareholders. Actually, they're the only ones in the position to do so because it is about the acquisition. But the big question this time is, why did they? Do these people know something that the public don't?

It looks like they do. Perhaps they've got a better prospective acquirer than Oracle. Either that, or they're just plain sadists, enjoying every blow that Sun takes as if it hasn't had enough already. But since they're a part of Sun, perhaps masochists would be a more appropriate word.


Oh boy. It's hard to imagine how Java's surviving all these.

Well, the week is just about to start. That means, it's time for Sun (and Oracle) to face a fresh barrage of punches. Can't wait 'til the next round? Don't worry, it happens in a few hours.