Java Blow by Blow - Knocked Down After Huge Quarter Loss

Just when things were looking brighter for Java, a big blow knocks it down.

More than anything else, despite wondering out loud what would happen to MySQL in view of Oracle's interest to acquire Sun, I'm more concerned about what would happen to Java.

Not only what would happen to Java after an acquisition but what would happen to Java regardless of whether any acquisition does in fact take place.

I'm not a programmer; not by a long shot. But I've long been fascinated by the write-once-read-anywhere concept that Java has touted ever since its inception in 1995. But with the way things are going at Sun, it appears that Java, despite its ubiquity, is facing its biggest challenge yet.

Because of this, I've decided to dedicate a small portion of each day to give you a blow by blow account of its progress on the ring. In one corner we'll have Java. In the other, The Nothing (that's the nick of Mr. Extinction).

Let's begin!

Round 1:

No doubt Oracle's interest in Sun raised Java followers' hopes many levels higher than they were when IBM decided to ditch their own.

However, The Nothing just gave a thundering blow on Java's jaw: Sun just reported a deep 3rd Quarter plunge.

Java's back on its feet but is looking pretty dazed.


That should be the end of the round. I'm glad it is... I'm feeling pretty dazed myself.

Java's saved by the bell but many in the audience are wondering if we'll still be seeing Oracle when the bell rings to usher the next round.

This is going to be an action packed fight, so stay with me.