My First Few Minutes In Chrome

You're now looking at my screenshot of a freshly downloaded Google Chrome:

Just downloaded Google's new browser, Chrome, and here are my first few observations.

Amazingly fast.

I know write-ups around the web are talking about how fast it is. Well, here's another one. When I heard about its speed, I never imagined it would be so noticeable... especially if compared with Firefox.

A minute after the download, and I easily noticed the difference. My favorite websites just smoothly flashed into sight as soon as I pressed enter. Well, that's a little bit exaggerated, but just a little.

Cool Tabs

If you click and drag on a tab, it seamlessly pops out into a separate window. Click and drag it back into your tabs, and it snaps back in. Be sure you click and drag on the tab and not the window when you attempt this yourself. It may just be aesthetics, but I just love how smooth you can do these motions.


One thing I've noticed, although perhaps some of you have some workarounds (please share them here if you do), is that some buttons/icons like those on Odesk (when writing an application) and Yahoo (when composing an email) are not visible. I'm referring to the Formatting Buttons, e.g. Bold, Italic, Bullets, Hyperlink, etc.

Summing Up...

If I can find a solution to those vanishing buttons, I just might completely uninstall Firefox. While Firefox does beat Chrome in the Features category, what with all those amazing plugins, all I really need right now is plain and simple S-P-E-E-D. For those who do use Firefox's plugins, I suggest you stick to it and wait 'til the Chrome community comes up with their own. BTW, I heard Chrome's also open source, so you may not have to wait long.


Toby Haynes said...

Try the latest Firefox Minefield nightlies before you switch. Things are getting faster than V8 (Chrome Javascript engine) in Firefox development.

John Carl P. Villanueva said...

I've put the switching on hold for the meantime. I've been experiencing some problems with Chrome. For one, I haven't figured out the missing buttons problem yet.

Second, there's something wrong with attachments. I had to resend attachments on two instances already because the recipient didn't get the file.

If it's true that Firefox is getting faster then I should be sticking around with it for awhile.

Manu said...

I tried Chrome the day it released. But was not that impressed.. May be cause i'm addicted to all those features in FireFox.. Ur post does compel me to reconsider. But I think I'll wait till Chrome is out of beta testing and have more features:)