Xubuntu has landed

When I walked into the computer lab, I wondered why my colleague, Prof. Girasol, was in front of one of our oldest Pentium 4s (1.5 GHz and 256MB RAM). When he announced that he had just installed the latest version of Xubuntu (8.04 Hardy Heron), and that it was working like a charm, I couldn't resist trying it out. True enough, I was able to breeze through my favorite applications as if I was working on a faster PC. There was just one more thing I wanted to make sure: did it have or could we easily install Sun Java on it? A quick search on Synaptic put a smile on my face; it was there.

Trying out my own installation would have to wait. I have a few more busy days ahead of me. That's if I don't receive additional tasks before I can proceed with the installation. I'd have to install it in a dual-boot system that also housed a Fedora Core 5, so it might be a little tricky. Still, I'm looking forward to it. Hopefully, this would finally silence that griping student of mine who, well, unluckily got to be assigned to one of the lab's slowest workstations.

Hopefully, when you read my next post on Xubuntu, it'd be filled with steps on how I did a successful installation and not one filled with reasons why you shouldn't try it out.

If you can't wait for that next post, click here to go to the Xubuntu site.