Could I Have Lost My PR3 Because of Firefox 3.5?

I rarely find the time to blog here nowadays. Last week, I made my first post after more than a month in hybernation. It was about Firefox 3.5 and how it was at least as fast as Chrome. Well, it got me a little over a thousand visitors... with a lot of help from my usual source of traffic: Tuxmachines and Linux Today. Got a little help from Digg and FSDaily too.

A few minutes ago, I began to search for a topic to blog about. Out of plain instinct, I loaded this blog just to see how many visits it got this day. At the top of my line of sight, I noticed that I couldn't see the familiar green color on the Google toolbar which held the Page Rank.

I then realized that the Page Rank button wasn't loaded. So I loaded it, but still, no green color. Upon hovering my mouse pointer over it, the tooltip displayed "No PageRank information available." I thought that was weird because I remembered installing the latest version of Google Toolbar.

To make sure, I decided to check out a few sites. Sure enough, they still had their PageRanks. And yes, I saw green.

I'm not really sure whether that post cost me the ire of Google. But I just can't think of any other reason. During the time when I posted that article, all of my Google Adsense boxes were filled with Chrome ads. Now, you don't see even a shadow of Chrome ... nor Google ... nor a single Page Rank.

I hope I wasn't penalized just because of a single post. During my first few minutes in Chrome, I immediately blogged about how fast it was ... despite the fact that I had been a Firefox user since ... well since as far as I can remember having come across it a few years ago.

But I can't help but tell it just the way it is. If I discover tomorrow that Chrome has improved especially in the way it handles Google Docs and Blogger, then I'll be enthusiastic to blog about that too. And, judging by the way it barged into the browser wars, with its unbelievable speed, I have no doubt of the possibility of that happening.

But right now, Firefox 3.5 is just the one that's giving me the total package that I'm looking for.

Whatever the reason is, I hope I do get my PR back soon. I'm also John but I'm no John Chow. I still need the search engines to bring in traffic when I don't have a new post.


Kevin Bowling said...

Sure enough, my google toolbar shows you as having no pagerank either.

If it is because of a Firefox post, that is really disturbing. In fact, in all honesty I am glad that MS is throwing punches in the search arena and Yahoo remained independant. A one pony show is no good whether it be your OS (Windows), or search (Google).

Take blind allegiance to Google with a very large grain of salt.

Anonymous said...

Commenting about Chrome, or FireFox, or any other product has absolutely no bearing on your pagerank. has a PageRank of 9. PageRank is determined by a mathematical formula, content has no bearing unless it is spam.

Additionally, Pagerank takes several months to actually update from the time that it is changed for whatever reason, so if your pagerank changed it wouldn't be from something that happened within the past few days.

The only reason that Google ever drops a pagerank so drastically is if the engine believes that the site is engaging in some sort of behavior designed to game the system. It might be that you participated in a 'link exchange', or that you have some sort of misdirection code on your site.

Also, it could be that you have too many ads on your page. If you recently added a bunch more ads, I would remove the worst performing ads and see if that helps.

And finally, you can simply write to Google customer support and ask why your pagerank disappeared. They usually won't give a specific reason, to prevent spammers from knowing the exact line not to cross, but they will tell you the rule that you broke which would help you fix the problem.

johnV said...


Thanks for that info. I'll try out your tips. I've already removed some ads. I might even eliminate some more.

Thanks for dropping by and may you have a great day!