Shifting gears

Today, I decided to change this blog's description from "linux, java, and physics over a cup of coffee." to "Open source over a cup of coffee." As I take out one major component, physics (hopefully I'll find time to relocate this topic to another blog), this move will make the niche more appropriate to the blog's title. I will still cover Java since Java is, well, partially open source nowadays. As for Linux, I already mentioned its current status in the blog in my last post.

I will have to avoid posting Linux news articles (which makes up majority of my posts here) while I am connected with

Since practically all of my articles here are related to Linux, I was anxious that this blog would eventually fade away. Luckily, I came across one writing job at ODesk that required knowledge in Drupal. Having heard of it quite often lately, I became curious. So, I googled away and after a few clicks, found my way into its site, I was then greeted by this text

" is the official website of Drupal, an open source content management platform."

An open source CMS? "Wasn't Joomla also an open source CMS?", I thought. So I zoomed straight to the Joomla site, and sure enough, my suspicions were confirmed. Anyway, before I could ponder on which one was better (and I eventually did), it suddenly hit me...

Why not transform Steaming Open Cup's niche into open source? It seemed logical enough. You don't find Linux, Java, or Physics in that title but you do find the word "open". Pretty lame explanation, but I suppose it would work best for me if it boiled down to SEO.

There's one problem: Aside from Linux, my knowhow on open source is practically nil. But what the heck? There have been many posts here that had topics that I had no inkling about at first but eventually learned something about after much research. Besides, I don't intend to share or write any code here.

So, I guess that's about it. From this day onwards, Steaming Open Cup will be talking about open source... still over a cup of coffee.


Gem said...

Interesting move. Open source covers a variety of topics, not just linux and java (and physics?).

You can include Wordpress into those open source CMS category. :-)

johnV said...

and yes, Wordpress. Thanks for that, Gem.

as for physics, i think it's pretty much out of place already here so i'm moving it out.