2 of CNET's Best Cell Phones of 2008 Run on Linux

Two days ago, CNET came up with its list of what it considered as the best cell phones of this year. Out of the six, two of them run on Linux.

If you couldn't wait and clicked on the link above, you'll recognize two of them from my article: 8 of 2008's Latest Linux-Powered Mobile Phones.

One of them's the G1. Why, of course. The other one's Motorola's camera phone, the ZN5.

Perhaps if the list was one phone longer, I bet the MOTOROKR E8, which of course is also Linux-powered, would have also made it. What do you think?

With Motorola shifting its focus to Android from its own MotoMAGX platform, 2009's list would be very interesting to watch... even if that's still more than a year from now. Although Android and MotoMAGX are both Linux-based OS's, they have their own specializations: Android on touch screen smartphones and MotoMAGX on multimedia capabilities. Because of this move plus the fact that four out of the six phones in the list have touch screens, it is very tempting for us to speculate on what type of phones are going to dominate next year's list.

Since Android's slowly gaining popularity, do you think we'll be seeing more Linux phones among 2009's best?


Anonymous said...

I think it inevitable that more linux phones will be launched to a point where perhaps it will become common place. It's just the economics of producing a OS for mobiles, as the linux kernel is constantly evolving at little cost to the mobile phone companies, unless they employ a kernel hacker, they can put their resources into the user experience, which is where the sale is going to be made. Linux has made it into so many places/devices it's virtually impossible for a user not to use it in some way everyday. The last bastion for linux will be the desktop of home computer users.... it's like the Borg... before you can resist you too will be assimulated... and be grateful!!

bryanking said...

Too bad those linux phones are expensive ... when ported to the Philippines. Hehe. Even with linux OS.

johnV said...

Hi Bry,

Nice of you to drop by.
Yes, they are. You could try the Linux smartphones from China. They're much cheaper but pack a lot of features.

I couldn't find references on them since I couldn't understand Chinese. Maybe you can help me in that department. hehehe

bryanking said...

haha. i cant READ chinese. just speak a little of it.

ay sir, will you be dropping by for xmas party? u still have ur projector? hehe..

TEASER VIDEO. Full video is around 26mins. =)

PALS said...

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johnV said...


That's cool! I wish you luck. We'd like to hear about it when it's done.

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Mobilephonehut said...

Hi Bry,
Motorola ZN5 introduced with linux based. These phones are great with their services. but linux phones are too expensive compare to other linux OS phones.